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Gamblers Court is an open and fair venue for players and casinos alike to bring their cases to for resolution by their peers.

  • At Gamblers Court there is no judge.  All cases will be presented by the Plaintiff and Defendant to the Jury who will examine the information provided to them, then vote as to who will prevail.
  • A 9 person jury consisting of 3 players, 3 portal owners, and 3 casino representatives will preside over the case, ask any pertinent questions, then will vote as to the resolution.  A simple majority vote will determine the outcome.
  • Plaintiff and Defendant will each be given the right to choose 3 jurors, 1 from each segment of the jury pool.  The remaining 3 will be chosen by random draw from the pool.
  • Plaintiffs and Defendants will each be given 48 hours to publicly present their cases with evidence.  The public will be able to view all non-sensitive information, but will not be able to comment on it.  The only persons able to converse with the plaintiff and defendant will be the jury.
  • Both Plaintiff and Defendant must agree in writing to abide by the resolution of the jury, prior to the case being scheduled for presentation.
  • All information from both sides will be available for viewing by the public, however, at no time is the last name, address or personal financial information of any person to be disclosed.  Other information of a particularly sensitive or proprietary nature may also not be disclosed to the public, but will be made available to the jurors.
  • Funds in question may be required to be deposited with a 3rd party escrow company prior to case presentation.
  • For a $25 filing fee, Plaintiffs can publicly file their cases here at Gamblers Court (Plaintiffs may include court costs in their claim).  Defendants have the right to accept or deny the challenge, and will publicly note that here at Gamblers Court.  If the Defendant accepts the challenge, a case number will be assigned and a hearing date will be scheduled; if the Defendant denies the challenge, the case will be closed, but the record of their denial will remain for the public to see.

What Gamblers Court is not:

  • It is not a players, casinos, or portal owners association.  This is an impartial venue created specifically for the resolution of monetary cases involving any persons or businesses in the online gambling industry.
  • It is not a list of approved or disapproved online casinos or players.
  • It is not a place for frivolous complaints.
  • It is not a place for negotiation.
  • It is not a place where derogatory personal remarks, accusations or unsubstantiated claims will be allowed into proceedings.

If you have a complaint against another party you want to present to and have ruled on by the jury, please post your case here for review.  Please bear in mind that your complaint must have specific and factual information; vague, nonspecific complaints will not be accepted for review.

Jury Pool:
Anyone interested in being a juror will be accepted into the pool from which jury selection will take place.  If you'd like to serve as a juror, please post your username and your position in the online gambling industry (whether player, portal owner, or casino representative)
in the appropriate thread here - Jury Pool.  Personal Identification may be required if any question arises as to your true identity.

Cases will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis.  Terms and conditions of use may change from time to time as the court gains experience in the handling of cases.


All inquiries may be sent to Info@gamblerscourt.com

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